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Parent resources and information

  • Healthy Heart programme - an established, free programme partially funded by the Ministry of Health, that assists ECEs to create an environment promoting healthy eating and physical activity to under 5s and their families.
  • Kiwi Families - Comprehensive resources and articles for parents.
  • Childcare Tauranga - A locally based website with articles on issues to consider in selecting childcare centres.
  • Childcare Online - Parenting Articles A-Z.
  • Plunket - support for new mums and families.
  • B4 School Check - A nationwide programme offering a free health and development check for four year olds.
  • Baby Centre - A comprehensive site with interesting articles and useful tools for tracking developments of pregnancy, babies, toddlers, preschoolers.
  • Brainwave Trust - "Early brain development in young children", Read article...
  • Brainwave Trust - "Why babies wake at night", Read article...
  • Brainwave Trust - "Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder", Read article...
  • Brainwave Trust - "Stress - the good, the bad and the ugly", Read article...
  • Brainwave Trust - "Tots and Toddlers and TV, the portential harm", Read article...

Fern Garden memberships and affiliations

  • The NZ Early Childhood Council - Professional tools, resources and latest information to help our staff and management support the running of an exceptional early childhood education centre.


Children's Entertainment

  • Chipmunks Playland and Cafe (on Chapel St) - Fern Garden children, parents, staff and families have had many memorable times here for Xmas parties, birthdays, and special field trips.