About Us...

New owners Nikeeta Singh and husband Dr Darius Singh purchased Fern Garden in December 2010 (when they were also expecting their third child).  They brought with them a passion and commitment to the local community to turn the centre into one of the most talked about, personalised, inspirational and high quality education centres in the Bay. In the first three months they committed almost every waking hour adding their personal touch to the centres unique and inspirational environment for children.


“... We carefully searched for almost two years to find the right centre, right place, right environment, right feeling, right staff, but not all of the stars would line up all together – until we found this unique gem - Fern Garden. It was everything we were looking for to further grow the place with our personal touch and to implement exciting and innovative ways for it to become one of the most talked about centres in NZ…”


Having gained several years’ experience in the ECE sector and met with hundreds of parents (and listening to their concerns and wishlists) over this time, Nikeeta became convinced of her own philosophies and unique learning style in a family centred, warm environment. Supported by her husband, who was a Professor in Technology Management, they decided to change both their careers in Auckland and head for the Bay with their young children to pursue their shared dream – to develop one of the most innovative and inspirational early childhood education centres in NZ that they would be proud sending their own three children to – the ultimate litmus test. Two years later, they have won the inaugural 2013 NZ Early Childhood Council / Telecom NZ Innovation Award for their invention "Learning Roots and Shoots" - an online learning tool exclusively available to Fern Garden families.

"...We firmly believe that our quality, performance and reputation depends on strong and balanced family foundations, and so our entire foundation for Fern Garden grows out of our core philosophies from which our values, vision, mission and outcomes become visible to you and your child through our wonderful teachers every day and in every way..."


After a successful and seamless transition of the centre and existing staff into new management, within a month (in January 2010), Nikeeta and Darius asked all Fern Children, Parents, Families/Whanau, Teachers and Community to "design a new logo” based on what Fern Garden meant to them.

“…rather than bringing in consultants, marketing experts and graphic designers, we chose a really fun and meaningful way of bringing our community on board with us on the exciting journey we have taken. We simply asked ‘What does Fern Garden mean to you?’ and we received over 60 wonderful expressions and descriptions. As new owners, it was great to see the immense pride and impact that Fern Garden has made in families, and it gave us all the more passion and drive to reach even greater heights from here…”

The new logo captures and represents all of the community's expressions in the form of a unified and unique symbol – a "Kiwifern" (which is now a Fern Garden trademark). The background colours are Black (representing black NZ river rocks as the foundation), Green (representing the green grass and natural NZ forest), and White (representing the clouds). In fact, these colours perfectly illustrate the meaning of "Aotearoa" itself - "the land of the long white cloud" - how "NUZILD" is that!